Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best Fighter award won by a boxer.

   Floyd Mayweather Jr. won the award for "Best Fighter" at the ESPY's on Wednesday night this week.  The name of the award used to be "Best Boxer" and was changed in 2007 according to an article on Sherdog a prominent Mixed Martial Arts web site.  If a boxer is going to win it though shouldn't the title of the award match the sport?

The definition of a professional fighter has changed since the emergence of the Martial Arts sport known as Mixed Martial Arts becomes increasingly popular.  With its popularity, rules and regulations comes restrictions as to who can fight who.  It's not like the first UFC where there were no rules and a boxer could test himself against students of another discipline.  For the record, boxers did not do well in that event.

  Regardless, those days are gone and both boxing and MMA are regulated bonafied combat sports that have their own respective pound for pound best in their class.  Mr. Mayweather most definitely earned his place in boxing but should they keep these guys together in things like this or is it still a case of old guys and sports willing to accept anything new?  If the opportunity exists for them to face one another then this is a good category to be nominated in, but to some the word "fighter" does not mean what it meant in the 70's when it comes to main stream sports.  It goes without saying a true fight has no rules and neither is really fighting as long as rules and referees are involved.  It should be noted that the ESPYS are voted on by fans and "ESPY voting takes place online and is open until the time the award is handed out, so much of the voting came after Silva got knocked out by Chris Weidman at UFC 162 on July 6." according to another prominent web site for the sport of mma know as MMAweekly.

What do you think?  Should the category be broken up?  Should there be a "Best Boxer" and "Best Fighter", or does it take something away by separating the two?  Is ESPN just not accepting of change in that the older sports our Dads watch will always take precedent? Please post in comments below.

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