Thursday, June 6, 2013

Waiting on E3 for more news?

     I was away for a while on vacation but all the next gen console buzz seems to have died down due to the lack of info or interest.  I don't know but I read something earlier that made it seem like we're all waiting for The Electronic Entertainment Expo better known as E3 for more details to make a better informed decision on which way our hard earned money will go.

    I've already decided on what I'm doing for next gen console stuff, but that has not removed my interest in the subject.  E3 is next week so we're sure to hear more on the subject but other than people raging on what may or may not be included I have not read anything new.  I have been waiting on my backer edition of The Game Stick so I can write a review on it to see if it has any chance of being a new alternative to console gaming and it's supposed to get to me before the end of the month according to the emails I keep getting so that'll be up as soon as I think I have done all I can do on it.  I have been passing the time with Assassins Creed 3, that I just started playing and so far so good.  Last of Us seems to be the biggest news I have read about and with all the reviews on it I feel like rushing out and picking it up by if you read the link from the beginning of this paragraph my menu is full for now.  I only have a few months of free time in between school terms so if my play time is behind everyone else's that is why.  It helps me save money for my gaming hobby in the long run.

    What do you think?  Is there going to be some awesome news after the expo that will help you make a decision or are you going to go the old guy route like I am and wait till you can actually enjoy or afford whatever is coming out.  I know no prices are out yet, but I'm pretty sure they'll be around the range of "not cheap".  I do know that when I am ready to play Last of'll be on sale.  I guess all the gamers , men and women are waiting around to see.

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