Sunday, May 5, 2013

Iron Man 3 spoiler free review

   I caught the 3rd Iron Man film last night, and of course it was good, but not great.  I was really lucky to catch a late showing so the theater was quiet and there were no distractions from fan boys or comic book nit pickers.  This movie is a decent film and a nice jump off for Marvel's next group of films to lead up to another avengers film (hopefully) but for now we have to watch the individual character films as they face their own issues and enemies.
     I've been a Marvel comics guy most of my comic book reading life so I know enough about Iron Man and potential villains that could appear in the films to be excited about all antagonist possibilities. I also understand how Hollywood works to change things so that they translate well to the big screen. Good, bad ,or indifferent these changes should be taken with a grain of salt with the understanding that new fans have to be considered as well in the film medium.  In my opinion, most of the Iron Man changes have been for the better especially making Jarvis an AI assistant rather than be the rich hero's butler.  That being said, the film has a twist in it that may or be may not be welcome depending on your level of open mindedness to the way books change on screen.  The action frequency comes in waves, this is probably the first Iron Man film that I looked at my watch for at some point.  You will get your share of various suits once you get to the big battle of this one and that had been displayed in many trailers.  Guy Pierce and a couple of other characters seem to display the abilities of Nitro from the comics and they give a decent back story to explain that.  Overall, the film delivers enough action to keep your generic fans happy but for the real hardcore fans they may tick issues with some of the changes.
     I have been told that when Disney absorbs a film company it isn't truly noticeable but I have to say I felt their presence in this movie.  I don't want to give any spoilers away but if you read this before seeing it feel free to chime in with it if you think you know what I am referring to.  I wrote something a little while back about books being better than their movie counterparts, but they are separate mediums and should be able to stand on their own.  In my opinion all Iron Man films have done a good job of standing on their own and are worth going to see.

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