Thursday, May 9, 2013

Console Gaming: Reading was fundamental

     I have been playing video games ever since the Atari 2600, every game I have ever bought since then came with instructions until recently.  The last few games I have picked up, recent releases have not included any written instructions at all.  I suppose if it's "part 4" of a popular genre that is fine, but if one of the new changes, changes the way you play a warning would have been nice.  These warnings used to be called instruction manuals.

The inside of the label is all that's there now.

     I know that gaming technology has come a long way since I started and that games now have these nice little play through intro's where the instructions are in the game's beginning for you to play through and give you the option to practice.  This is a very cool and welcome feature but what about when I'm not playing the game or want to hit pause and reference, "how do I do this?"   I remember when I used to pick up games in stores and having something to read before I popped it in when I got home.  I was aware of what buttons did what and I could jump right into the game, the jumping into the game part is still there at least. 

     In my opinion many games have better plots than a lot of the movies coming out these days, especially since there is barely anything original coming out in theaters anymore.  A nice addition to having an instruction booklet is that you got some character back story in there and some nice art work, with color if it was a big title.  It cannot be that the gaming industry thinks we don't want to read, maybe they do it because it's green and saves on paper.  Although, with the price tag of games these days I prefer the boxes not be lighter than they used to be.  For $59.99, the games should come complete, with DLC and a booklet.  I wonder what they will cost with the next generation consoles?  I suppose we'll all find out soon enough, until then I highly recommend waiting on anything that looks really cool and finishing up your other games before you spend more of your hard earned cash.  I know it's hard I finish this up I'm going to play Gears DLC and down a few beers to drown in my "winners curse".

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