Monday, February 25, 2013

Hitting "pause" on the Next Gen consoles

All of the sudden, Sony showed off their new controller..excuse me...made the PS4 announcement.  I guess Steve Jobs started this thing wher they show you a small electronic device and tell you how innovative it will be and people buy into that, not me though.  Sony ticked me off with the PS3 when it came out by charging rent level prices for it when it was released and I was a serious PS2 fan boy too. I got in on the current gen consoles late and I'll probably do the same for the next wave of new consoles.

I have about 3 games to play and finsih on the PS3, and one I'm looking forward to (God of War Ascension) and, ....I just got my PS3!!!   My Xbox, which I have had for a while I love.  I use it for Netflix, I use it to play with my friends on line, I use it for all the popular sinlge player open world games.  I also have several games for that I need to tackle and finish, Red Dead Redemption, XCOM, L.A. Noire and Assassins Creed 3.  I also started the DeadSpace franchise on that console so I would like to finish it there too, not to mention my beloved Gears of War

I hope by the time I finish all these games the prices of the new hotness consoles drop.  So, I don't care who drops what first.  I'll wait and let them go through their overheating, their red rings, and whatever the hell the Wii did at launch (people knocking themsleves out in living rooms doesn't count) before I start pinching my pennies for some crazy expensive console on launch date. 

I am willing to try out the new guys, OUYA and Game Stick not only because they are priced in the range of affordable but me and my buddies have backed one or the other on Kickstarter.  It's also a new idea and I remember thinking Microsoft was dumb going into the game business and here I am with a huge collection of Xbox games.  I'll throw up a review about the "Juego" Stick (Game Stick) when I get mine and let you all know if its a nice alternative. 

I wrote something similar on this before but I deleted it because I got pissed off about having an image pulled so I re wrote this with all original stuff.  I know I could make these things all text but nobody reads for long without giving the eyes something to look at.

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