Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Elite Sports Core Yellow BJJ Gi Review

If your New Year’s resolution includes starting Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Elite Sports Core gi might be what you need in 2024.

When I started Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in 2005, there were only a few options out there. Atama, Howard Combat Kimonos, and Koral. Or, you could just use a Judo gi but the grips your opponent can get on you will have you being controlled a lot, which can diminish your goal to learn this fantastic martial art.

Thankfully, the sport has grown so much since then and the options for training gear are now more plentiful and affordable. This is where Elite Sports comes in. 

In August, Elite Sports sent me one of their gi’s to try out and review. They were cool about me telling them I would be honest about it and would need time to roll (train) in it and see how it washes, hangs, and handles heavy sessions of all the pushing, pulling, and grabbing a gi goes through. I’m happy to say, I was sold on the gi after wearing it and finally was able to give it an honest review:

I rolled about 10 times in it with washes in between and it held up really well. It’s also super light so for the competitors that weigh in with the gi this is definitely one you want to include in your rotation. I would add that because of how light it was, it made me feel “fast” if that makes any sense to you.

One of the bonuses in my opinion is the free white belt it comes with. Most gi manufacturers will give you a bag to carry it in that you probably won’t use for that since most folks use a gym bag. It’s old school, but it makes sense to include the belt. After all, it is the most important belt you’ll put on as long as you stick with it.

Pick one up on Amazon.

Buy direct from Elite Sports here.

Also, check out their Born Tough brand here.

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