Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Better Late Than Never Review: The Color Out of Space (2019)

The Color Out of Space (2019) is a nice mix of John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) and Invaders From Mars (1986). 

It's been a while since a horror flick got a review on here but I came across this gem after going down an H.P Lovecraft black hole. Looking for something new to distract me from the COVID-19 pandemic, I came across this film starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Richard Stanley. 

This movie is a modern adaptation of Lovecraft's Colour Out of Space, which is the story of a meteorite crashing and infecting a whole town with madness and other weird things. With today's special effects, this movie does some pretty interesting things with the visuals and makes for a few pretty good jump scares along with some disturbing imagery.

As for the acting, Cage is about as good as you would expect him in anything he's done lately. Whether or not you think that's good or bad, it works for this movie. But the true reason to watch is the directing and special effects. I haven’t had a jump scare in a while but there is a road scene in the movie that gave me one. The special effects, especially when “the color” affects people and animals will let you know where The Thing nod comes from.

If the movie for me to step away from my MMA coverage and get me back writing on here, it should be worth a look for you.

If you are thinking about checking it out, use the affiliate link to help support the site and have some fun watching this movie:

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