Tuesday, July 31, 2018

VENOM - Official Trailer 2 Changing Minds About Seeing It

The new trailer for Venom is probably the best looking version of the character to date. The voice and usage of "we" in what is seen here could be good enough to convince anyone on the fence about seeing the movie to give it a chance.

The reason fans might not be interested is because of director Ruben Fleischer's comments at the San Diego Comic-Con where he explained why the Spider-Man symbol does not appear on this version of Venom.
"If you look at the comics, in Venom, there is just elements of white within his suit. Because our character does not originate from Spider-Man, it makes no sense to put a spider on his chest. We tried to be as accurate as we possibly could, even though some people feel it’s inaccurate, but there is a lot of white and we wanted to give him a distinctive pattern.” -Ruben Fleischer
That may have been off-putting at first, but this trailer still makes for a very enticing film that has a villain as the main character.

What do you think?

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