Monday, February 5, 2018

Altered Carbon (2018) Review

Altered Carbon on +Netflix is yet another binge-worthy show on the streaming network. It has a heavy Blade Runner look to it with a deep story and even deeper characters. The sci-fi detective thriller takes place in a time where technology exists that transfers people's consciousness to other bodies when they physically expire from death or disease. Takeshi Kovacs, played by Joel Kinnaman is a trained soldier known as an envoy with a unique ability to operate on a subconscious level and adapt to new bodies quickly.

Kovacs is brought out of a 250-year storage to solve the murder of a very rich and powerful person, because of the technology the victim is the one that hires Kovacs to solve the murder. Sounds trippy, right?

It is a unique mix of great TV with elements of action mixed in with sci-fi and crime noir you have to watch it to truly understand how the premise just mentioned can actually take place. The show is ten episodes long and each runs about an hour a piece. In a future where death is not final, solving a murder can be harder than it sounds.

Altered Carbon is probably rated 'R' for language and nudity but if you need a good detective show ti watch, this one should definitely be in your queue. In a future where death is not final, solving a murder can be harder than it sounds.

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