Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Creator Spotlight: Isaiah Puga "Jagged"

One of the great things about the New Jersey Comic Expo is that it is a great place to find up and coming talent in the medium of comics. Not only are there panels that help those trying to fine-tune the craft of storytelling, drawing, lettering and other details on how comics are made, but the undiscovered grinders in the world where folks can self-publish and build their brand are always present.

Enter Isaiah Puga who was selling his four-part series Jagged that looks like a story he has built up from genres that news headlines in small-town papers helped him write. Corrupt school officials, affluent teen athletes that enter the realm of psychotic, and underdog heroes that get pulled into situations by circumstance are the building blocks of Puga's story.

There is more than one bad person in the story, but when Puga was speaking with us the main villain of the story is a serial killer. Like many true crime stories, it is never the one you expect and Jagged will take readers through each character's life before revealing who the killer is, but that is only the beginning.

Puga was kind enough to give us the first two issues to read, and even though he let us know who the killer was, how he will be stopped and who is going to stop him is what got us thinking after reading the first two issues of Jagged.

Check out Puga's pitch and be sure and follow him on social media as he plans on expanding on what looks to be a truly immersive story once you spend some time with the characters.

Make sure you check out all issues at Etsy.com/shop/jaggedcomic 

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