Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Netflix Original Review '1922'

Poster 1922 (2017)

The +Netflix original 1922 is yet another work based on one of Stephen King's stories. It is the tale of a man who is penning a letter pretty much confessing the murder of his wife in 1922. However, the story is not so much about the crime, but the cost of committing one and thinking he got away with it. Thomas Jane plays Wilfred James the man telling the viewer of his story years after committing the crime.

Not all of King's work is about horror in the way fans view it, some of it is about very real things in the cycle of human emotion like in The Shawshank Redemption. James writes about the aftermath of covering up his wife's murder and the cost of living with the guilt of such a big secret. Granted, there are some creepy scenes in which his guilt of handling his wife's dead body has him hallucinate some things worthy of a horror film but, murder is horrific after all.

1922 is definitely worth a sit through if you are a Stephen King fan of his less horrific tales.

Speaking of Stephen King's works, Netflix also has Gerald's Game also streaming on their service which has a similar theme about carrying guilt. With all these King stories coming to Netflix you have to wonder if any of his "dollar babies" will wind up there soon.

One for the Road is such a film in pre-production and +The Blogboard Jungle got a chance to talk to the producer of the film at the last NJ Horror-con and Film Festival.

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