Tuesday, August 22, 2017

In Defense Review of The Dark Tower (2017)

The Dark Tower (2017) got hated on by many critics and some fans. However, the eight-book series would much like any stories that make the move from one medium to another has to change some things for the sake of time and money. As much as a fandom can bring love for something as great as the works of Stephen King, the changes have to be considered.

What the film does well for fans of King's works is drop the subtle little Easter egg references to other stories and hint for new audiences how all those stories are connected in the same universe. Examples like The Man in Black referring to Jake's psychic abilities as "Shine" (The Shining), also when using a way station one of the coordinates is to a room numbered 1408. If anyone remembers, 1408(2007) was a haunted room in a hotel where strange things happened. Makes you wonder if all those things were passing through. Finally, the Pennywise references seen in the trailer.

Pennywise reference from trailer
When the film went it was intended to launch a television series and a sequel, the way the books are written these other mediums could likely just be additions to the books if you know where King takes the story. For those unaware, he has also written himself into the story that is The Dark Tower so he could just be breaking walls here like Deadpool breaks the fourth wall.

Sadly, when films don't make much money or get poor reviews the plans that were had for a franchise may never see the light that is green from the decision makers in Hollywood. So keep that in mind, what may not seem done right could be the beginning of something that could be what you want in the long run.

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