Thursday, August 3, 2017

Death Wish Remake out in November| Official Trailer

Poster for 1974 film

Charles Bronson is irreplaceable. Let's get that out of the way now, but when you no longer have Mr. Bronson and you want to reboot one of the best vigilante film franchises of the 70s and 80s (and a little bit of the 90s) Bruce Willis is a good call for Death Wish (2017).

Not much is known about this remake other than the premise is the same. Crime out of control, a man's family is assaulted and it seems law enforcement's justice is not being dispensed the way it should in the eyes of the victim. Eli Roth directs this film and the original is credited as the basis of it so it should have an absolute 'R' rating and the action sequences may be on par with the original.

That being said, some changes in this new version are noticed in the trailer, one being Paul Kersey's profession. He wears a Doctor's over coat in one scene that shows his name "Kersey" on his chest so the Willis version of the character may be a Doctor and would actually make some sense knowing what we know about the story from the original.

In Bronson's portrayal, Kersey is an architect living in Manhattan. This film seems to change the city to Chicago. If you remember the franchise Kersey has to relocate often since he is also considered a criminal for his vigilantism. Having him have a background in medicine while on the move is a good way to patch himself up and can only help this new version of the story.

Who knows how this film will go over now though? In 1974, when the original was released it got a lot of negative reviews from critics but fans obviously liked it given the time it was released and how rampant crime was back then. Millenials may not like it or even know who Bronson was but Generation X folk like us can't wait to see this remake.

Check out the trailer:

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