Monday, July 24, 2017

Ozark on Netflix Review


Ozark on Netflix is an 'R' rated crime drama and a dark comedy all rolled into one. Jason Bateman stars in this series about a financial planner that launders money for a Mexican drug cartel and when his partner tries to steal from them things go bad. It's not just the business that goes south, Bateman's character Marty has his marriage going bad even before the business with the cartel does.

The solution to his problems lies in the title of the show, the Ozarks. The mountainous area of Missouri seems to be the perfect place to launder the drug cartel's money. But not every place is as it seems and crime seems to be everywhere, not matter how backwoods it seems.

The show has some comedic elements but if this is meant to be a comedy, it's a dark one. Bateman has been great in comedic roles so viewers may have a hard time letting his performance sink in. Betrayal is a big theme in the show both in criminal activities and personal relationships and after a few episodes, every character seems to have a dark side and makes them hard to like.

If anything, it's like a"Breaking Bad-lite" in that it shows what seems like a mild mannered man trying to be good but you will know early on, he's been bad for a while now. It's worth watching while waiting on you regular Netflix binges.

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