Monday, March 6, 2017

Logan (2017) Review

The first X-men movie came out in 2000, 17 years later and an 'R' rating Hollywood not only gets Wolverine right but creates a story that would make Chris Claremont proud. Logan is supposed to be the last film Jackman will play the character most fans have associated with the actor and he brings his big acting guns for this one.

The story is set in 2029 where most mutants have died off and there are very few left. Logan, Prof. X played by Patrick Stewart again and Caliban are trying to live out the rest of their lives undisturbed. Legends have been written about the X-men in the form of comic books and through one of them, Wolverine has built a bit of celebrity reputation for helping people. 

Through the fame of the stories a woman and young girl named Laura find Logan and ask him to help get them to a place called "Eden", in North Dakota. As the film goes on Logan finds out he and Laura have similar abilities and a small bond connects the two.

The action is on par with any X-men film with the added gore of an 'R' rating. Long time fans of Wolverine will feel this is the film they have been waiting for. A geriatric Professor X is also good for some laughs. The thing about an 'R' rating that makes this film and Deadpool so popular is that the readers that fell in love with the characters in the 80s and 90s are adults now. And even as kids, we knew adults cursed and the adult characters in these stories cursed, bled, fell in love and died.

Don't be surprised if after watching this, you find yourself looking to re-watch all the other X-men films.

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