Monday, December 12, 2016

A Christmas Horror Story (2015) Review

Krampus started something last year. Making horror themed Christmas movies wasn't really a thing until some historic folklore and the creative mind behind Trick R' Treat brought the Pre-Christian Alpine folkloric creature to American audiences. Now, you will find memes, collectibles, and "ugly Christmas Sweaters" with the horned figure on it.

Then there's the 'B' movie, straight to video films that find a way to make clever use of the idea. A Christmas Horror Story does that,and stars William Shatner, and Zoe De Grand Maison but they manage to twist it into a modified anthology tale that has a pretty decent gift at the end. An asylum, a strange kid, Krampus, and a problem Santa has at his factory with some of his elves are the stories told almost simultaneously in this film. While they do sort of come together at the end, the way the film plays out may confuse some audiences.

The film is not rated but there are some sexually suggestive themes and adult language so you might want to do your own 'PG-13' rating for it. It's not bad movie, but its certainly better than watching It's A Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story for the millionth time in your life.

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