Monday, November 21, 2016

Collectibles Vendors Should Invest in a 3D Printer

Photos: Ed Carbajal

Something noticeable at this year's New Jersey Comic Expo was the collectibles made from 3D printers.  Sure, they've been making news for a while now in the things that can be made. Which is, pretty much anything if you do a Google search.

But with a small investment and a good imagination you too could open up a booth at the next Comic-con or collectible show and sell things to fellow fans of whatever genre you're into. The one of display and that seemed in use and best suited was the M3D printer. It seemed perfect to make small busts of iconic characters from comic books and figures from pop culture. The printers were being sold at a different booth but you could see in others the idea is catching on.

In the video below you could hear the M3D representative explain some details while seeing it in action. At the time it was making game pieces and you could see what completed ones look like just below it.

Kind of makes you want to get one doesn't it?

The Micro by 3D|

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