Monday, October 24, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 7 Off to a Good Start

The Walking Dead has not been written about much here. Partly because of a slight case of "nerd rage" in regards to how some characters translated from print to the small screen. There have been some really awesome characters in the books that were ruined on the TV show. Characters like Carl, Andrea, and Tyreese were so well written that when something happened to them in the books, you were concerned the way TV fans get now over what happened in the season seven opener.

However, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Negan it looks like season seven will finally be the one that brings back those that only watched the last 20 minutes of an episode because that's when something significant would happen. We tried to start a poll on how they would play Negan's true introduction and thankfully only two people voted, probably because they did not drag out what Negan did that everyone was waiting six months for.

If you're a fan of the books and suddenly want to read up on the maniac Negan is, don't worry about not having the time. Morgan's performance of him so far is true to the source material and a solid cure for any fan-boy "nerd rage" you may have experienced. Keep in mind the books are about four years ahead of the show though, so reading is still fundamental but be warned you may experience some of what we have in past seasons.

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