Monday, September 26, 2016

The Book and The Box: The Strain recap

First thing's first, sometimes in following some characters you forget how "bad ass" other characters are in The Strain. Last night's episode, "Madness" brought fans another Setrakian flashback when he was young enough to move quickly against Stragoi on the higher scale of The Master's army. Not only does he get the drop on one in the flashback scene, but he dispenses justice in a very Charles Bronson-esque way.

The flashback helps explain that the book contained very important information on how exactly to defeat The Master. In a way, yes the book was dangerous and valuable to both sides, but exposing what was in it is the real weapon. If you did not see last night's episode, stop reading now.

The spoiler is what was revealed last week, that the crimson worm which is The Master has to be destroyed or captured. Apparently there is a box that can be fabricated to do the job and Setrakian needs to know which body is holding his long time foe. The only opportunity to find this out is to take Eldrich Palmer up on his offer to betray his once partner in evil.

It does not take a lot of character research to know that Palmer cannot be trusted but any chance, is a chance.

Meanwhile, Eph and Dutch think they have found a weakness that could break-up the communication between the infected and The Master to at least put them in a state where they could be defeated. Not enough for what the humans need but it could be something.

One thing is for sure, if Setrakian was a few years younger his character would be doing more than research in this fight.

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