Monday, September 19, 2016

Hush (2016) Review

Hush is a psychological thriller about a young woman living in an isolated area who happens to be deaf. Sarah, played by Kate Siegel plays Maggie, a writer that for some reasons in her personal life takes to living alone. She seems to be doing well outside of suffering from writer's block and maybe some loneliness. She has friends and neighbors that check in on her and care enough about her to offer space for her to live should she come back to the big city.

Writer's block and loneliness become the least of her worries when an insane man played by John Gallagher, Jr. murders her friend and begins to toy with her with the intention of eventually killing her too. There was some reminiscent feeling of the film Extremities (1986) with Farrah Fawcett and James Russo where the situation is similar, home invasion against a woman living alone but the added character trait of Maggie being deaf leads to this film being a bit more chilling.

Hush is rated 'R' for violence and gore. The invader, only titled as "man" in the credits has zero remorse or respect for any life as you will see in the film. It's currently streaming on +Netflix US & Canada and worth a watch especially with Halloween right around the corner.

Got any recommendations for this Halloween? Let us know in comments below, Hush is definitely one of our recommendations to you.

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