Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Central Intelligence (2016) review

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Buddy cop films seem to be in comedian Kevin Hart's blood system right now, as his latest one Central Intelligence is one of them. Let's dig into the review of it.

Central Intelligence starts out about two high school students. One named Calvin (Kevin Hart) is the popular, successful kid who everyone loves. The other one is Robert (Dwayne Johnson), who is the chubby, nerdy and strange kid no one loves. However, 20 years later, Calvin doesn't become much of the success as he had hoped. He's just a mid-level accountant, sort of struggling with his marriage. On the other hand, Robert has become the opposite, as he's lost weight, gained it back in muscle, grew taller, and became a highly talented CIA agent. When they meet up again, things get messy with the government, which causes Calvin and Robert to not just start a friendship, but a dynamic action duo.

First and foremost, this is a comedy and for the most part, it delivers some good jokes. Kevin Hart is back to his average yelling for a cheap laugh gag, but this character is not his average role. He's a straight-laced, smart guy, so seeing Hart play this was refreshing to a point. However, the real star of the show was Dwayne Johnson. He was basically a giant child, and was hilarious and well played from beginning to end.

Together, they had some awesome chemistry. They actually felt like friends catching up, more or less. This film has it's moments of laughter, but it had its unfunny moments too. Not everything here made your laugh, or even just blow air out you nose with a smirk.

Action wise, is where everything kind of messes up. The plot wasn't anything special, if anything, just ruins things at times. When it came to the fighting, it was well done. But when it came to the actual governmental spy story, it just wasn't much of anything. This film could have easily been fine without it.

Overall, this is the type of movie you walk out of somewhat satisfied with. It had some really funny moments, good main characters, but not much of anything was great, and it didn't have to be. This was something you could turn your brain off to and just sit back and watch. It even had a cliche but nice message about bullying and how terrible it is. Central Intelligence wasn't gold, but it was a surprise in some instances.

Flick Stars: 2.5 out of 4 

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