Monday, June 6, 2016

Bloodline (Netflix) review Season 1

 We're not bad people. But, we did a bad thing.

That's a line from one of the characters on the +Netflix US & Canada series Bloodline. The line is only half true, you'll find out by the time you run through the first season that; yes they did a bad thing and they are in fact bad people.

Bloodline tells the story of the Rayburn family who live in the Florida Keys. They run a pretty successful, small resort for people to stay at and enjoy the beautiful weather, scenery and sun. All are welcome, except the black sheep of the family Danny Rayburn. He's not made to feel welcome at all. When this show starts you think he's a loser but as the story goes on, viewers will find out the only difference between Danny and the rest of the Rayburns is that he's open about the things he gets into.

This is one of those shows that makes you think all the bad news about Florida might be true. Florida is great for a lot of things but it has its share of negative press as all places do. That is probably what makes the show good. This prominent family does everything in their power to make themselves look good. In reality they're not very good at all and the characters that come off as bad people seem to be the only honest ones in both seasons of the show.

If you want to know what the 'bad thing' is from that line, check the show out. Both seasons are streaming now on Netflix.

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