Thursday, March 10, 2016

The creative side of "USS" Steve Cunningham

Algieri vs. Spence media day. Photo: Ed Carbajal
Two-time IBF cruiser-weight champion and heavyweight contender Steve Cunningham (36-7-1NC) was in New York to help promote the April 16 Algieri vs. Spence card that will be broadcast on NBC from The Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York. He commented on his upcoming bout with Krystof Glowacki (25-16), as well as his other ventures within the sport of boxing and outside of the ring.

He already does ringside commentary for PBC at boxing events he is not on the card for, but he let reporters know he has other plans after boxing. Citing the undeniable hands of time that ages us all and the rigorous training and damage boxers take, he knows a "Plan-B" is essential. He's already working on it in the form of a comic book.

If you look at how popular the genre is, and the ease of self publishing, with the right backing a lot of creative ventures can be more successful these days. He already has a lot of stories in mind that are actually pretty interesting. The best one, being a character based on himself with the heroic spin of special abilities and the like. You might not think that's a great idea at first but remember, Cunningham has served in the military and fought all over the world.

That being said,the villains in the story will be based on opponents he has faced in the ring. For example, a fighter with the nickname "Atom Bomb" will have some sort of nuclear abilities. He's also going to use the "military experiment" idea for a lot of the character's abilities. Again, he's getting the ideas from his own experiences. If that is not a creative mind at work, than I don't know what is. Follow him on social media for updates and samples like the one above and be sure and tune in to NBC on April 16 for his fight.

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