Thursday, March 3, 2016

Better Call Saul :Season two so far

Our favorite lawyer has returned and things are at a crossroads at this point in the life of James McGill. Since this all takes place before he transforms into the very well connected "Saul Goodman", he is at a point where he could be an average guy, or an average lawyer. However, like Walter White outside influences will seem to eventually stir him on the path of the "morally flexible" as his soon to be associate Mike puts it.

This season starts off like the last, in black and white, with a displaced Saul Goodman managing a Cinnabon. Not what he was used to, but surviving even when he gets locked out of the mall. It would seem each season is a time for reflection on how he wound up where he is. In his pre-Breaking Bad memories, he got out from under his brother's shadow (mostly) and is working for a new law firm that seems to want to good for the elderly at Sandpiper, the retirement community chain McGill/Goodman fell upon while trying to make his way in the legal world.

The underworld seems to pull him back easier and easier as he and Mike keep finding themselves in situations where trying to be good is not as nice as breaking bad. The first three episodes are tracking both Mike and Saul/James in their attempts to move on with their lives without winding up being the bag-man and conciglieri they are sure to become. The world of Breaking Bad seems to move forward with evolving evil, like the demise of Walter White. That is probably what keeps us coming back for more. So far, we're seeing a good guy that wants to be a good lawyer after being a not so good guy in his younger days.

Even though most people know what happens in the long run, getting there is still addicting and season two so far is turning out to be better than the first. If you haven't caught up , make sure you do and we'll try to keep these as spoiler free as possible for those who are not.

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