Thursday, February 11, 2016

JASON BOURNE - First Look trailer

Click the image if you want to pick up the first three films.

Lots of commercials played on Super Bowl Sunday but only a few may matter to you. One that mattered to us (besides Deadpool) was the one for the latest "Bourne" related film, simply titled Jason Bourne. There are few films that can be better than the book but these Bourne films seem to be one of the few that got it right.

There was a fourth film with Jeremy Renner called The Bourne Legacy but it was a poor attempt to milk a franchise that needs Matt Damon playing the title character. Using the character's last name seemed to work out since when the film was released, it managed to debut at a number 1 spot in the box office in August of 2012.

If you missed Damon in the role, it looks like you won't have to wait long to seem him pissed off and beating folks up.

 If you didn't catch the trailer check it our below:

Looks like they go to Vegas!!!

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