Friday, January 29, 2016

DC's streak on the CW

Legends of Tomorrow Pilot Episode

With Arrow, The Flash, and now Legends of Tomorrow, what do you think of DC's streak of shows on the CW network? It seems to be doing well and there are some that think they could flood the network. However,  if you watch any of the above mentioned shows you really do not know what else airs on the network outside of the commercials shown when getting your DC on TV fix.

Legends of Tomorrow is the latest addition to the CW's DC comics roster and since they do themselves the favor of occasionally mashing the shows up, its hard not to watch. So what do you think of their latest show?  The production value and special effects seem great for television and it could serve as a good way to draw in new fans to both the DC comic related shows, and whatever else is on the network.

If you missed the pilot you can catch it on Amazon Video by clicking the image above.

Are you watching?  We are, please comment below.

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