Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Krampus (2015) Spoiler free review

Krampus graphic novel

Not that long ago, we had told you about Michael Dougherty's book that was released to keep Trick r' Treat fans on ice for the sequel. When he had broke that news he mentioned he could not work on that film because he was working on Krampus, well now its out and this is our review.

Dougherty must have a certain affection for holidays in general. Trick r' Treat showed viewers what happens to those that don't have the Halloween spirit and Krampus seems to extend that to Christmas. Nothing is spoiled by telling you how the film opens with people being horrible to each other during the holidays. No better time to point that out to people after the way many behave on Black Friday, just do a search on line for footage matching the opening of the film.

The message the film has is that those people, will most likely get a visit from Krampus. Dougherty pulls the character right out of Austro-Bavarian German-speaking Alpine folklore, a horned holiday demonic figure that handles Santa's naughty list for him. If you are looking for the feel good holiday Christmas film in the way of A Christmas Carol, that's not present here. The film is about what happens to those that do not learn the lesson Scrooge learned in his story. The film is rated PG-13 and highly recommended if you like Dougherty's work.

Coincidentally, there's a book for this film too made by the same team as the Trick r' Treat book. Click the image above if you'd like to pick it up.

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