Monday, October 26, 2015

Better Late than Never Review: The Conjuring (2013)

"Based on the case files of the Warrens."

The Conjuring (2013) was a summer horror film about one of the many cases Ed and Lorraine Warren had investigated. If you're not familiar with their name, you're definitely familiar with their cases, the Amityville Horror being their most famous one. Truth being scarier than fiction has been written about here before, but if it weren't for the truths, the works of fiction would not exist.

The film is about as scary as any film nowadays from James Wan, goofy faced demonic ghouls bothering a family. It's the bare bones of any horror film but rarely does it intrigue more similar films that are worth watching. This one does something different though, and it is the basis of what could be a nice series of films. Focusing on the ghost fighting of the Warrens is a really nice touch and kept me interested throughout the film.

The Warrens have tussled with the Amityville house, Anabelle, and many others that they do have their own museum in Connecticut dedicated to the stories we horror fans like to watch. The more popular stories have been done so many times, a film like this is giving a fresh perspective on a way to blow up the lesser known ones.

Definitely worth watching, especially since a sequel is in the works. If you don't get to catch on TV while all the networks are pumping out horror, be sure and give it another look before the sequel comes out. This film is rate 'R' because its a horror film, and they should be.

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