Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Are you watching AMC's Fear Fest?

Are you watching AMC's Fearfest this year?  Did you know it started?  It did, and its chock full of marathons. Are you a fan of Friday the 13th? We are, and there's a marathon for that. What about the Halloween movies, excluding part three that had nothing to do with Michael Myers, but the rest? You missed that one, but its on again right before and during Halloween.

Other marathons include, Tremors, Predator, and Chucky films if you don't have your own collection of horror films. If you like having them randomly brought to you on television, AMC has you covered. However, if you'd like to purchase some of your own, our recommendations are in the store.

Which marathon are you looking forward to?

Click below for the full schedule:

AMC's Annual Fearfest Marathon Starts On-Air Sunday, October 18| AMC.com

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