Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Strain 'Dead End' recap/review

Now we're getting somewhere. Does anyone find it odd that when Eph has very little to say or do the episodes are profoundly better than the ones where he is the focus of it? Regardless of that, it looks like things are starting to get moving in the grand scope of the show.

The Occido Lumin has been located, Gus and The Silver Angel are back, and this episode could stand alone as its own short horror film with Eichorst's capture and torture of Fet's girl. The flashbacks are often the best parts of most episodes, this one was no different as we got a glimpse at Eichorst, before he became one of The Masters many underlings.

Low confidence, low self esteem, pretty much everything bullies are made of, made Eichorst what he has become. Nazi, slave to The Master and overall sicko that likes to play with his food. Without getting into detail, Eichorst had a very nasty plan for feeding on Dutch, but Fet would not have it and got to her in the nick of time. Her ordeal occupies most the episode and was something out of American Horror Story right up until her rescue.  It seemed she reminded him of the woman from his pre-nazi past when he said the following to her;

"Your scent reminds me of a certain perfume that used to fill me not only with desire but despair because I knew I could never possess the woman who wore it. My life didn't include that for some reason. I possessed other things: power, respect of other men. Listen to me, the philosopher. Funny to long for desire when it never brought me any happiness."

Meanwhile, the book Setrakian had been trying so hard to locate was taken from him as soon as he found it. It looks like it will be in the hands of someone Gus knows well, so fans should look forward to next weeks episode. What did you think of Eichorst's back story?  Did you feel bad for him for a bit? Or did you expect him to be the cowardly salesman we saw pre-vampirism? Please comment below

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