Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Strain 'Battle for Redhook' recap/review

Lots of gun play
This weeks The Strain episode, was a little war between man and strigoi was a decent filler episode in what seemed to take a break from the main story.  People were left wondering about this new renegade that came to help the humans, the book Setrakian was looking for, and what's up with The Master and his new body?

The last two episodes switched focus from the main story to focus on Zach and his mother who is turned now, trying to get him back. What happened to Gus, Angel, and the hunter/gladiator vampire? The battle in Red Hook was decent but not as large scale as they tried to make it seem. lets hope in the episodes to come we get a nice close to the season.

It was confirmed early in the current season that a season three is definitely coming so maybe they had to stretch some things out during the production process. Either way the focus should be on the war of for humanity and not these little side stories. Although, if it gets the show some more seasons and longer episodes us Strain addicts can't really complain.

Photos: Michael Gibson|FX 

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