Monday, September 7, 2015

Hannibal is done, and that's probably good.

Considering how the final season went and where it started, it seems easy to understand why the show got canned. They took a long way to go nowhere and for a show that had some of the best visuals on television, they really dropped the ball. There was rumors of the show moving to another channel or even getting the Netflix treatment, but after that finale. Do we really want one?

The films and novels have such a following you have to be careful of what you change.  If it is too drastic, fans may give up on what is being produced. Hannibal looked like it was going to be a prequel when it first started. Filling in the blanks for everything that led up to the Red Dragon story, but somewhere the writers went off the rails.  It seemed they could bot decide on who they wanted to kill off or keep on the show.

The characters that seemed the most up in the air were Mason Verger, Dr. Chilton, and Freddie Lyles. Mostly Dr. Chilton, who seemed to get killed off, or nearly twice in the show. The first time they probably meant to kill the character, and brought him back after fans asked, "WTF?" Mason verger has an obvious storyline that occurs well after The Silence of the Lambs, but the show never even made it that far.

It's too bad too. Mad Milkensen did an awesome job of portraying the infamous Hannibal Lecter. Too bad he could not  run  with it a little longer.

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