Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead: Ep.2 recap/review

It's getting worse.  Not the show, the outbreak occurring in the show that sets up the "before" portion of what lead to everything happening AMC's hit show The Walking Dead. The early stages of unrest have begun, one character knows how to prepare and if he's as smart as he seems. The others will listen to him.

Although this is the very beginning of the outbreak that creates the zombies, no hint has been given as to where its coming from. Also getting worse is communications, law enforcement, and civilization as a whole along with Alicia babysitting her brother's withdrawal. Nothing will clean up a junkie faster than a zombie in a crack house.

The virus being new in the universe still has people unaware of how to stop a zombie coming at them. This was displayed by Tobias, the doomsday expert mentioned earlier that tried to fend off the zombified school principal while gathering supplies. The family separates to try and gather other members of the family and their timing could not be worse as rioting and chaos make it difficult to get back together.

The infrastructure is falling apart and more and more people are becoming infected. Will the virus overrun the west coast by the end of the season? We'll know soon enough.

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