Monday, August 24, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead review

The Walking Dead has become one of the biggest fandoms since the show aired. It already had a decent following from a series of comic books it is based on. Fandoms are odd, if something changes too drastically or written poorly, they can be rather harsh on the newer medium. +The Blogboard Jungle is guilty of this in regards to the show, The Walking Dead. That's why it is not written about often here.

However, their is a fix for that, and the people that write for this site. Enter, Fear The Walking Dead, a brand new story with nothing to compare it against, from a period not even mentioned in the books. Also, its an outbreak story. If the zombie genre is done well, the story usually takes place during an outbreak. Some of the best zombie films take place during the outbreak, this looks to be a show dedicated to stories like that.

The show is also dedicated to building characters for fans to follow and these characters are brand new to everyone. New characters that will transition from dealing with real world problems we are familiar with, while bringing them into the escape fiction that is Robert Kirkman's creation.
"They're complicated, real characters who will not be dealing with the undead the same way.  They'll learn new things, they'll find new tools, they'll learn faster or slower but what we end up with is a very, VERY different show... set in a world we LOVE exploring as much as we'd all NEVER want to live there."-Robert Kirkman

The story takes place on the west coast, when things are still normal as compared to Rick and crew in the show everyone loves. It is a separate time line, in a new area, with all new characters. The first episode not only put a fresh spin on something that may be starting to rot, but it could bring back folks that were not happy where the TV version has gone. It looks like it grabbed everyone with a reported 10.1 million viewers according to the New York Times.

We'll be following this one all the way up to our favorite month of the year.

Photo and quote from AMC's Fear The Walking Dead digital presskit|

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