Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Strain Second Season has begun

Photo from FX Networks

The Strain is back on FX to gross up your Sunday Nights again. Season two picked up where we left our team of Strigoi slayers from season one. The Master is mortally wounded by Setrakian, Eph is back to drinking, and some really good flash backs gave the audience some history on the race of vampires in this story.

This episode had a lot of action and back story that if you have not jumped on this show by now, this may be the one that grabs you. Even fans of the book will be pleasantly surprised with the changes made for the show. Especially with the history of The Master and how he came to be along with his connection to Setrakian.

Setrakian is hellbent on finishing off his long time rival and it would seem he would partner with The Elders to do it. The Elders are other Strigoi that seem to have a problem with The Master's way of doing things, and vice-verse. A book exists that could have the solution but in his advanced age, Setrakian will need the help of Fet.

This season looks to be interesting, the less Ephraim Goodweather, the better the story.

Photos from FX Networks | The Strain

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