Friday, July 24, 2015

Hell on Wheels: Final Season begins

Final season has begun.

The final season of one of the best westerns on television since Deadwood began airing this Saturday. If you have not watched this show, record the final season and watch it on Netflix. It takes place during a pivitol part of America's history, during the reconstruction after the Civil War.

Cullen Bohannon played by Anson Mount

It follows the hard, sad life of Cullen Bohannon played really well by Anson Mount. The characters in this show have been memorable and big screen worthy. Show's that take place in any period tend to be costly and fans of the western genre are really lucky to see this one come to a close.

New villain Chang

This season seems to have introduced a new villain now that our protagonist has made it to the west coast. He also encounters the villain that has been a thorn in his side since the first season. They have an interaction at the end of the episode that will leave you wondering, why not finish him off there. Either way, if you want to play catch-up, now is the time.

Photos from AMC official | Hell on Wheels site.

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