Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Complications (2015) TV Review

USA always comes to save your TV summer. A few of their shows have ended, but they have a lot of new ones coming our way.  Complications aired the 2 hour pilot making the three episode litmus test easy to use and decide if the show is worth watching.

So far it is. There seems to be a Jason Bourne/Manchurian Candidate feel to the main character, Dr. John Ellison. He seems to have another side of him that he is not even aware of, and it looks like he has skills that he can exercise if needed.  Like, being able to his a moving target, center mass, on the fly.

They have not elaborated anymore on that or if he is missing any parts of time in his own mind. Jason O'Mara plays Ellison and his acting is probably the best in the show. The female characters that have debuted so far, seem problematic and annoying. His wife, seems to have someone on the side and an overall emotional mess. A nurse he works with, is just a walking problem for him all around.

His situation in the show has him protecting the son of an underworld criminal he saved during a shooting. The show looks to be a doctor's case of the week like House M.D. but with a criminal element attached.So far so good for this show, it is in it's first season so it should be interesting to see where it goes from there.

Photos from official show site USA network | Complications

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