Wednesday, May 20, 2015

[REC] 4 (2014): Review

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The fourth installment of the [REC] series brings back Adriana Vidal, the original protagonist reporter from the first film. This series has always been a favorite, it started with a found footage kick off and slowly went away from it. Vidal, played by Manuela Velasco returns as the focus of the film in [REC]4: Apocalypse .

Photo: Magnet Releasing
Originator of the first, and second films returns for this one. Juame Balagueró directs with an obviously bigger budget for effects. Make-up on the infected individuals looks better, there is a nice sequence with infected monkeys, and some really nice exterior shots of the ship everything takes place on. Even having left the third film in the hands of another film-maker, which is a parallel sequel to the original story, he manages to bring it all together in this film.

Photo: Magnet Releasing
Fans of the original three films would be doing themselves a favor catching the fourth film. Rarely does a series of horror films stick to the source of its beginnings.  Sometimes, when the franchise gets too big, the originator will take their money from selling the rights and run.  This franchise doesn't do that and that is probably why all four films work well carrying the [REC] name.  The same cannot be said for its American re-make Quarantine (2008). The film is available on demand and is rate 'R', for violence, gore, and language.

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