Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mad Men finale airs Sunday

Another one of AMC's dramas are ending this weekend. Mad Men will soon be joining Walter White on the shelf of the network's best shows that have ended. The show about an era, is bringing its own era to end and for the next few days, AMC is airing the entire 7 seasons.

Photo: Michael Yarish/AMC
This show is something you had to be patient with to get into. If you have not, you won't find any spoilers here. Just know, from the first episode nothing is what it seems when looking into the life of Donald Draper. You admire him at work, hate him as a person, but still wonder about what makes him tick. Watching the professional side of his life will have you rooting for the company he works for to succeed as you feel like another face at "Sterling. Cooper, Draper, Price" working in the background.

Photo: Justina Mintz/AMC
Watching the women come in and out of his life you'll wonder why they go? Why they stay? Or, why would they come back? It's not just about Don Draper, its everyone he works with, the women that rise from secretary to Copy-writing executive in a time women could not be considered executives. It is a show about a time, before a time some people may have forgotten already.

Photo: Jaime Trueblood/AMC
If you have not seen it, jump in on the marathon. If you are reading this too late, you can always stream on +Netflix to catch up. But, whatever you do check this show out before its gone. If you ever needed footnotes on how to be cool at work, this show is a good start.

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