Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Last American Vampire: Book Review

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For someone that is not a fan of vampires, I sure do read a lot of vampire books. It's usually with vampires as the bad guys though as they are meant to be.  Not those "other" vampires, you know the ones I mean. The one's that glitter, you won't find reviews of those kind on this site.

You will find reviews of the good vampire books and The Last American Vampire is one of them. Keep in mind it is a sequel to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and focuses on a character introduced in that book named Henry Sturges. He is a secondary character in the Lincoln titled book but he is the main protagonist in this one.

It begins just after Lincoln's story so you would be doing yourself a favor reading that first. Not like the movie at all and way better. This sequel takes you through Henry Sturges's years from his transformation to a vampire right up until modern times. A lot of history being mashed up into some entertaining fiction like the book before it. The author, Seth Grahame-Smith seems to find a lot of success with mash-up fiction with his book on Lincoln and Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies.

If this book gets made into a movie it could get ruined, the way it runs would make a more interesting mini-series or TV show. Sturges goes on a journey through American history and trying to continue the work he and Lincoln began with Lincoln's story. In his travels he encounters a lot of iconic inventors, writers, and other presidents. The movie version of Lincoln's book is not bad but this book could not be written if the prequel went like the movie.

Book trailers are actually a thing. There was one for The Strain, which was written about a lot on this site and this book has one too. Check it out below, pick up a copy and enjoy it.  it's s fun quick read of about 400 pages. Enjoy!

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