Sunday, March 8, 2015

Battle Creek Premiere Review

Photos from official CBS Battle Creek site.

Battle Creek premiered March 1st on CBS, it is produced from the minds that brought fans House M.D. and Breaking Bad. With the name of the show and creative credentials like those you would think you were in for some hardcore drama on the level of Breaking Bad or True Detective. You would be wrong, but you might still like what you see.

Some light comedy with familiar faces from the genre.
Instead, you get something more along the lines of an interesting buddy cop comedy and your case of the week detective work. It's a formula that has not been on TV since the days of Magnum PI and the only game in town for a while was Psych on the USA network. Dean Winters fits the role of detective well and has played both cop and criminal in the past, it's good he now has a role that he can play every week instead of just guest starring in similar roles.

The premise of the show is an FBI agent being sent to Battle Creek, Michigan to help detectives there out in there outdated and underfunded department. The new agent is out of touch with the area so he needs Winter's character Russ to show him around and connect to the culture of the area better. The formula is good and might be interesting to people that like buddy cop films.

The show airs on Sunday nights at 10 pm. it's a risky time slot on a risky night when so many shows are already established on Sunday nights but some of them are ending so the timing could be perfect.

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