Thursday, February 12, 2015

Better Call Saul, Ep. 1 & 2 Review

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When did prequels become a thing? Was it when Allen Moore wrote The Killing Joke? Was it when Hollywood decided to make the Star Wars prequels? Where ever the idea came from, thank god it's happening for the story of Saul Goodman.

Better Call Saul premiered this past Sunday and Monday in a two night premiere that seemed to being back all the addicts that were fans of Breaking Bad. Named for the advertising slogan of Walter White's consigliere , Saul Goodman the show follows the journey of how a lawyer struggling for success follows a dangerous road that will eventually lead him to the events in Breaking Bad

Fans will remember, Saul seemed to have an out or an answer for most situations involving clients and himself. This show is the first inkling to what may have happened to anyone in the aftermath of the saga of Walter White. If you remember in the episode Granite State of Breaking Bad, Saul has a connection that helps people disappear. He used it himself and Better Call Saul picks up from his own relocation in the opening scene shot in black and white.

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We learn that Saul was once a lawyer struggling to make ends meet when he sits down to reminisce about his past in his new life as a Cinnabon manager. We get reminded that his true name is Jimmy McGill and the show rewinds before Walter, Jesse, Gus and Skyler to Saul's very beginnings. As a pretty bad lawyer that finds himself in position to change his fate.

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This is not meant to provide spoilers so just know that the deep stories that made you love Breaking Bad are definitely back in Better Call Saul. Fans of the Breaking Bad universe will be very happy to watch this new show and it is the perfect cure for those going through "Breaking Bad Withdrawal". If you need more reason to watch or maybe you're on the fence, there are some familiar faces in the show, lets hope we see some more.

Familiar faces return.

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