Sunday, January 18, 2015

3 Days to Kill (2014) Review

3 Days to Kill is a film about a top level government operative who finds out he has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. It stars Kevin Costner as the protagonist and it's about time he plays a role fitting for his age. The film has its moments in action and some laughs but over all it take a little long to get to the point.

The title suggests his limited time to reconcile with his family, mainly the daughter he was not around for while playing top level assassin. The film takes place in France which is probably the only nod they give to Luc Besson who originally wrote the story. You can see Besson's influence in the film but you can also see why he would hand off the story to someone else to make. It really isn't his best work.

3 Days to Kill took me about three days to watch in pieces as it did not hold my interest for the running time. It's streaming on +Netflix right now if you have the time to kill, but so is a lot of other stuff.

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