Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Flash Mid-season Finale Review/Recap

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The mid-season finale of The Flash aired last Tuesday night and while we finally have an idea of who killed Barry's mother, we didn't get much else.  Barry told Iris how he finally feels and we got introduced to Firestorm, Caitlin's boyfriend who perished when the particle accelerator failed.

The episode took a long time to get to where fans wanted to be.  We were introduced to the "man in yellow" but still don't know who he is or why he was being drawn to tachyons (Any Watchmen fans out there?).  Firestorm, formerly Ronnie Raymond was introduced because he was stalking Caitlin for no reason whatsoever.  For this show, let's be honest.  Who needs a reason for another character from the DC Universe to be introduced.

Reverse Flash (Yellow suit flash) lets Barry know, they have a destiny and no matter when they meet he will always kill The Flash. They fight and as he is about to finish Barry, Firestorm saves him and flies off while letting Caitlin know she should forget about him. They close the show with a touchy feely scene with Barry and crew enjoying Christmas before they cut to Wells looking at a yellow suit.

The show wasted more time on Iris and Barry's weird relationship than on what matters, superhero stuff.  The superhero stuff as always with the case of the CW and DC on TV is always cool and its ending has us waiting impatiently for the season to continue.  Is Wells for sure the man in the yellow suit?  He's shady enough but please comment below.

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