Monday, December 29, 2014

Sabotage (2014) Review

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Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger retired from politics he has made a slow transition back to the action film genre. His first film back as an older action guy worked well for him, Sabotage does the same in putting him in a role that not only compliments his age but sells his character well. This is an action film with a little too much testosterone written into it but keeps you interested most of the time.

Schwarzenegger plays Breacher, experienced leader of elite DEA crew.

The film opens with a raid in which legendary DEA agent Breacher, played by Schwarzenegger leads his crew of elite agents in taking down a drug cartel.  While doing so, they decide to steal some of the drug dealers drug money and hide some at the site of the mission to claim later. However, when they return to get the hidden money it's gone.  That begins the films premise of mistrust and betrayal with them suspecting each other and trying to find out who is trying to kill them.

It has the ingredients of a thriller or mystery but make no mistake, this is an action film with some of the most brutal gun shot death scenes in film. The characters are a bit exaggerated in their macho-ness, even the female character on the team.  In fact, she's over done to the point of being annoying but she doesn't ruin the film.

Overall the film is enjoyable and has twists that can keep you interested even in parts that seem predictable phone. Action fans should give it a viewing and if you were ever a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger you will be glad you saw this film.

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