Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Is Gotham doing it for you?

I may be alone in this but Gotham on Fox is not really grabbing me.  I know being overly critical to the source material when a good story comes to a new medium can come with fan boy criticism.  However, last nights episode introduced Harvey Dent, AKA Two Face and he is noticeably older than Bruce Wayne.

From IGN review of "Harvey Dent"

There are a few DC Comic shows on TV now and they seem to be better received than the one Marvel show that serves as a tie in for any Marvel movie.  I think the reason Arrow and The Flash are doing so well is because they do a good job of sticking to the source material from the books or at least reboot it in a way fans enjoy.  Fox seems to have invested a lot in this show so it may last to a second season but I think long time comic fans may stick with the other DC Comic related shows.

Photo from Gotham: "Harvey Dent" Review | via IGN

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