Saturday, November 29, 2014

Constantine : The Rage of Caliban

Photo from Constantine page on NBC.

Last Friday's episode entitled  The Rage of Caliban had John and Chas investigate the murders of parents that left children orphaned. This episode's antagonist was an entity that possessed children and attacked the parents of the children it possessed .  It would then move on to a new body when the parents were killed.

The episode had John and Chas minus Zed, who was simply written off as "being at art school".  This is probably a good move on the networks part because she was getting a little stale.  The banter between Chas and John worked well and if the show wants to find future success it would probably be a good idea to keep this formula going.  Hollywood tends to want to force love interests in everything and some stories, just don't need them.  John Constantine is a character fighting a bigger battle with ties to both heaven and hell, he doesn't need a love interest.

Both John and Chas investigated the entity's motives and origin and worked with the mother of the victim to banish it back to where it came from. Involving Chas more is a good move since he is a character from the books.  Doing things like this will bring in new fans but keep the ones following the show because they're fans of the source material.

The show was having some trouble with getting approved for more episodes being frozen at 13 but if the trend on twitter is any indication of success, we should be seeing more of John Constantine.  Let's hope he's still safe. See the tweet from the writers below:

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