Thursday, October 30, 2014

What's On Your Halloween Watch List?

Favorite genres have been mentioned here before as well as all time favorites.  But, what will you watch this Halloween?  Will you run through your all time favorites or will you try a few new ones to add to a new list?  +Netflix is always a good go to for a lot of choices in horror but how do you know what is worth your time?  Well, the Huffington Post went with a well know name and listed Eli Roth's six favorite or recommended films to watch.  Some I haven't seen so I'm going to check them out but others are ones I have never heard of.

Roth's recommendations were:

  • Dust Devil(1992)
  • Hardware (1990)
  • Galaxy of Terror (1981)
  • Ichi the Killer (2001)
  • Nightmare City (1980)
I have seen Ichi the Killer and it's not a bad film.  Although I do not know what audio options you'll have on Netflix the subtitled version is probably there. So what will you watch?

For the more details on why Roth recommended them follow the link below:

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