Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Fall: The Strain Book 2 review

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    Since I finished reading the first  book to prepare for the show on FX I got hooked to the story and continued reading through and just finished book two titled, The Fall.  The show has been good enough to keep my attention and made changes that don't bother so much as it can when a book is turned into another medium.  Regardless of the show, the book series is very intriguing and I'll be starting book three, The Night Eternal this weekend.

It picks up where The Strain leaves off and the title, The Fall is fitting since life as people know it is falling apart by this point in the book.  We also get a few new characters whom I'll just name but not spoil anything major for anyone who hasn't read it yet.  The only one memorable and worth mentioning is Angel.  He's a washed up luchador formerly known as "El Angel de Plata" (The Silver Angel) which is fitting since silver hurts all those afflicted with the vampire sickness.  He's like what Mickey Rourke was in The Wrestler, except Mexican with a bum knee and a bit down in the dumps living in Jersey City.  Other characters of note are Mr. Quinlan  lead member of those swat vampires you saw in the show, who seems to be one of the "good" vampires and Alonzo Creem, a former rival gang member of Gus's whom he recruits to help battle the strigoi.

Both The Master and Setrakian and crew are recovering from the battle that went down at the end of the first book.  Kelly Goodweather, turned is one of the more unique vampires along with Bolivar and Eldrich Palmer grows more impatient and demanding about his reward of eternal life. Things get a lot more intense with the 2nd book and having already began book three, The Night Eternal I can tell you this is probably the most action packed of the three books so far.  Highly recommend reading this one and if you're too impatient to wait for the 2nd season to start on FX, this will compliment the show as nicely as it compliments the series of books.

I wrote, recaps/reviews with some spoilers for most of the show but as I got a strain of sickness myself I fell too far behind.

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