Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How Short Would These Movies Have Been if Cell Phones Existed?

     In keeping with the tradition of watching as much horror as I can on my favorite month.  I had the chance to watch two classics and wondered how they might not have been, or at least been very short if cell phone technology existed in the lives of the characters in these films.  The films in particular are Cujo (1983) and Pumkinhead (1988) and if you haven't seen them you should.  If not read ahead with caution because spoilers follow below.

Even a brick cell phone from the early 90's would have helped.
In Cujo, the point where mother and son are stuck in the car that needs work ,they sit there for a while in the heat because they are in a secluded farm area and have no way to leave the vehicle or out run the rabid dog.  If she had a cell phone she could have just called the police or animal control and Cujo would have been taken care of, end of movie.   In the beginning of Pumkinhead a little boy is hurt by an idiotic dirt biker not watching where he is going.  When the accident happens, they just leave him there with the one honorable person to stay behind and explain what happened.  If they had a cell phone, they could have called for help and maybe even saved the boy and keep Lance Henriksen's character from summoning a demon to avenge the loss of his son.

Granted, if they did have mobile phones in these stories, these movies would not have been made and we would have missed out on some good horror.  Maybe they'll get remade and shortened or, turned into PSA's about how cell phone technology can save you.

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